The only website for your e-Fed needs. The GWF has been around the e-Fed world since November of 1997, and there are no signs of stopping.

The GWF is a members only site. To enter the site, you must sign up for a user account. Once you have an approved user account, you may enter the site and apply as a wrestler if you so desire.

No profit is made at all from this site. The website is run at a loss to the owner. There is no advertising of any kind; banners, pop-ups or other. At the same time it is showing WWE, Impact Wrestling, RoH, NJPW, and countless others, that this site is not trying to take advantage of their product - the site is here just for the fans.

GWF Terms of Membership
- Your membership is a privilege, not a right.
- This account is for your own personal use.
- You shall not allow anyone else to use your account.
- You accept responsibility and liability for your own actions.
- This is a private system. We accept the right to deny certain users access, and shall only approve those we choose.

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