1997 - 2015

November 1997 was the date that Global Wrestling Federation was born. Although it was known by a different name at the time it would morph into one of the pinnacles of e-federations. Throughout the years people from all across the world have joined this company due to its uniqueness and with the belief that it would never come to an end. However this company has now officially closed its doors. After 18 years of providing all of the members with a one of a kind experience the company ceased all operations as of August 31st, 2015.

If youd like to sign up for the site to check out all the features that are still active you can register for an account. One of the administrative staff will look to approve all new users so they can still check out what will without a shadow of a doubt be the longest running E-Fed.

We want to thank everyone who was a part of this company even if it was just as a passerby. It has been an incredible journey that no one is going to forget.

Thank You For The Memories

No profit is made at all from this site. The website is run at a loss to the owner. There is no advertising of any kind; banners, pop-ups or other. At the same time it is showing WWE, NWA-TNA, RoH and countless others, that this site is not trying to take advantage of their product - the site is here just for the fans.